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For safety reasons, it is essential to maintain your sports courts (netball, tennis, basketball) clean and hazard-free. We service all Adelaide and South Australia

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Want to make your netball, basketball, or tennis court look amazing?

Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Pros cleaning can take care of your netball, basketball, and tennis courts. We have assisted resorts, private tennis courts, clubs, and schools in Adelaide, and South Australia since way back 2009 in restoring their properties back to their glory days.

No job will be too big or too small. We can restore tennis, netball, and other courts to their original playing conditions, no matter how small or large the size of the entire property is.

Our tennis court cleaners are able to remove any stains and dirt without causing damage or disruption to the court surfaces, thanks to the power of eco-friendly solutions and cleaning products we use. This results in a perfectly smooth court that will allow players to enjoy their game.

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What Do You Get from Professional Tennis Court Cleaning Adelaide?

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Pressure Cleaning Before Vs After
Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you have a small, private, or large tennis court, our tennis court cleaners in Adelaide will ensure that they will be cleaned and maintained throughout the year. Results of regular tennis court cleaning include the following:

Enhance the visual appeal of your court

It is important to clean your tennis courts and other court surfaces if you want them to last for many years. A tennis court that is not cleaned regularly can make it look bad and may cause damage to the surface.

Playability is affected when leaves or other debris have settled in the cracks and crevices of the court’s surfaces. They become even more problematic when they have been left out to lodge further without any attempt to remove them immediately..

Prolonged rains or shaded courts will cause the mould and moss beneath the surface to thrive, which can be both a safety hazard and a breeding place for bacteria.

Enhance Playing conditions

Mould and moss can also affect the playability of tennis courts. Moss growth can have a negative impact on the quality of the game as it makes the surface thicker, which can pose a challenge for players in breaking through the grass as they move around the court. You also get less bounce from the ball and a reduced range of movement on the court because of it.

On the tennis court’s cool and moist surface, moulds form and multiply. They then eventually sprout spores. These spores can be inhaled by tennis players and cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Save on cost by extending the useful life of your tennis court

Our professional cleaners can remove debris and contaminants from your tennis courts surface. This will ensure that there are fewer cracks that encourage mould and moss growth.

This will aid in extending the service life of your tennis court as it will not require heavy repair over time.

But that’s not all. The long-term savings from our tennis court cleaning services in Adelaide will be significant. Courts that are well maintained will have longer-lasting stringing, reduce wear and tear on equipment, and will also allow for more frequent play, besides becoming less risky in terms of slips and slides.

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How to clean tennis court surfaces the right way

You may be enticed to do your tennis court cleaning yourself or tap the services of an unprofessional cleaner to get the job done. However, you will never get the result as good as when you hire professional tennis court cleaners such as Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Pros.

Cleaning tennis courts is a complex task that requires the use of specific tools, time, and not to mention, expertise. We have over 10 years of experience cleaning tennis courts in Adelaide & know the best technique for cleaning all types of tennis courts. We clean:

Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Synthetic tennis courts contain infills that improve the aesthetics of the turf because they are mainly responsible for the blades’ upright position. Your synthetic grass tennis court’s foundation will last longer thanks to infills.

This means that synthetic grass tennis courts cannot be washed with high-pressure water because excessive pressure could cause infills to deteriorate and fall off.

Instead, we use an effective soft washing process for synthetic grass tennis courts that is guaranteed safe.

Hard Surface Tennis Courts

Hard surface tennis courts, although durable and low-maintenance are extremely durable, they can be vulnerable to mould and moss growth, not to mention, being more exposed to pollutants like dirt and dust.

Our combination of specialised and eco-friendly solutions are carefully applied to the court. After allowing it to rest, we gently spray it onto the tennis court walls to loosen the mould and moss. Then we wipe it clean with the specialised soft bristles.

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Acrylic Tennis Courts

Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Pros is well aware that acrylic tennis courts are sensitive, slip resistant, and infused with the right amount of grit into the surface.

Pressure cleaning acrylic courts reduces their playability and service life. Additionally, traditional pressure washing methods can leave ugly pressure cleaner lines on the court that are distracting from its aesthetic appeal.

We have combined our experience in non-pressure cleaning techniques to ensure that we offer the best tennis court cleaning. Doing so makes it possible to maintain the original lustre and vibrant colours of the acrylic court without any damage.

We have years of experience in cleaning other tennis court surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, and hybrid courts.

Basketball, Netball, and School courts

We also do cleaning service at school playgrounds, courts, netball, and basketball courts, among others. Call us so we can confirm if anything is unclear. There are good chances that the surface can be cleaned by our team if it can take water.

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We also offer other exterior cleaning services

All over Adelaide, and South Australia regions, we have the following expertise to offer:

Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Pros Tennis Court Cleaning Procedure

Here are some things to expect when you contact us for a professional driveway cleaning in Adelaide:

Inspection of Your Tennis (Netball and Basketball) Court

Tennis Court Pressure Washing Before Vs After
Tennis Court Synthetic Grass Pressure Cleaning Before Vs After

It is typically the priority to gather information about the type of surface that you have and any specific concerns (mould growth or discolouration) first prior to cleaning and that’s exactly what we do. With the help of Google Earth, we can conduct an initial assessment by phone.

The first step in tennis court cleaning is to inspect your court and identify areas that require extra attention. To make sure your court surfaces are clean and free from mould, we develop a tennis court cleaning strategy.

Removal of Surface Debris

This stage aims to remove any leaves, dust, or debris that may have built up, before we start removing moss and mould from the walls of the tennis courts.

Soft washing

A special soft-washing equipment is used to apply cleaning solutions on the tennis court walls, wherein most of the moss and mould have already settled. This gentle process allows for the removal of mould and moss without causing damage to the tennis court surface.

Eliminating Residues

After the cleaning solution has done its job of loosening the mould and moss, we wipe them away from the tennis court walls using our soft-bristled brooms.


After cleaning the tennis court, sanitising would be next, then we apply a sealer to protect it from mould and moss growth. At the same time, this sealer helps protect the tennis courts from sun damage and regular play.

The time it takes for a tennis court’s surface to be cleaned will depend on several factors, including the material used for the court and the extent of mould or other moss buildup.

A normal tennis court cleaning from start to finish typically takes around five hours. For a more accurate and detailed estimate of the cleaning duration from beginning to end, our professional cleaners can thoroughly inspect your tennis court.

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Why Choose Us to Clean Your Tennis Court Adelaide?


A family-owned pressure and external cleaning business, Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Pros has more than 10 years of experience in pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to different types and sizes of customers across South Australia regions.

Before Cleaning Mouldy Tennis Court

Services that are both high quality and affordable

We recognize that customers want high-quality services at affordable prices. We also don’t charge expensive add-on services for cleaning your tennis court cleaning. Our company only hires highly qualified and trained pressure- and external-cleaning professionals who use only the best cleaning equipment in the market.

Eco-friendly Solutions

Our experts only make use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for everyone, including the surface being cleaned.

Fully Insured Experts

Accidents and damages are sometimes inevitable in any type of cleaning and maintenance jobs. Good thing we have liability insurance that can cover in the event of accidental damage to your property.

Flexible Services Schedule

We work around you! For commercial clients, we are very mindful of minimising disruptions to your business operations!

At Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Pros, we can clean your tennis court at any time you please, be it day or night, at any day of the week, and even during holidays. We recognize that every customer’s needs are unique. So, we have flexible scheduling options to accommodate your tennis court cleaning needs. Our team will also clean your court during a time when there would be minimal impact to any tennis playing schedule. We can adjust to your schedule and come to your club during off-season weeks and can clean school courts during school holidays. What makes us stand out among the cleaning companies that service Adelaide, and South Australia regions is our commitment to customer satisfaction

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